FAQ / Questions

What is Beerizer?
Beerizer is a collection of webshops so you can see what beers are sold by different beer shops throughout Europe. There are various functionality to make your life as a beer nerd easier. Helping you find and buy the beer, keeping you beers organised in lists, create alerts when beers arrives which matches your desires.
How do I buy beers?
Beerizer IS NOT a shop where you can buy beer, to buy the beer you need to click through to the actual shop.
Do you ship to <country>?
Since Beerizer don't sell anything you should contact the shop selling the beers you are interested in.
How can I suggest beer shops to add?
Shops can be requested and voted on in the shop requests section.
I own a beer shop, how can I get it up on Beerizer?
Read more about this here.
I've found a beer that lacks or has the wrong link to Untappd.
If you are logged in, there is a small flag under each beer. Using this, you can report beer which is wrong or missing. You can also report this by emailing contact@beerizer.com.
How does "Popular beers" work?
It counts how many users add the beer to the cart or click on it.
I have an idea of ​​functionality that is missing!
Always open for new ideas or improvements! Send an email to contact@beerizer.com or contact https://www.facebook.com/beerizer.
Who runs the site?
Beerizer is a one man hobby project by me, Timo from Sweden. It originated in early 2015 when I thought the swedish alcohol monopoly Systembolagets site was a bit hard to find what one was looking for. The functionality of the site grew throughout the years and after a couple of years the site also started to including foreign shops.