FAQ / Questions

What is Beerizer?
It's a collection of webshops which guides you to finding new or old beers. You can be notified instantly when new beers arrives and find beers you have never tried before.
Do you ship to <country>?
Since I don't sell anything you should contact the shop selling the beers you are interested in.
I've found a beer that lacks or has the wrong link to Untappd.
If you are logged in, there is a small flag under each beer. Using this, you can report beer which is wrong or missing. You can also report this by emailing contact@beerizer.com.
How does "Popular beers" work?
It counts how many users add the beer to the cart or click on it.
I have an idea of ​​functionality that is missing!
Always open for new ideas or improvements! Send me an email at contact@beerizer.com or contact https://www.facebook.com/beerizer.
How can I suggest beer shops to add?
Just send me an email at contact@beerizer.com and I will check the shop out.
Who runs the site?
It's a hobby project by me, Timo from Sweden. It originated in early 2015 when I thought Systembolaget's site was a bit hard to find what one was looking for. Once the connection to Untappd was in place, I began to see that this could be a really useful site. Link to the page was given to some interested friends and then it has spread. Then later with all good webshops in Europe to buy beer from I wanted to include those aswell.
Can I donate money to Beerizer?
Donation is possible both through Patreon and PayPal. Getting access to extra features is only possible when using Patreon though. Donations are used to pay for servers and services that are needed to keep the site up, excess money goes into beer purchases! Read more about Patreon here