The Bruery Chocolate Rain


Originally created as a single cask conditioned version of our Black Tuesday imperial stout for one of our release parties several years ago, Chocolate Rain has now taken on a life of her own. The base beer is a select few bourbon barrels of our imperial stout that can range anywhere from 16-21% in alcohol. Once those barrels are chosen, we spend an entire day slicing fresh vanilla beans to add to those barrels along with cacao nibs that are sourced by San Francisco based TCHO chocolatier. After a few months soaking up those rich, dessert-like flavors, the barrels are blended to taste and the result is one of the most decadent beers that we make. Rich in chocolate, vanilla, oak and bourbon, it truly puts the 'imperial' in imperial stout.


Style Stout - Imperial / Double
ABV 19.5 %
Price 46,99 €
Brewery The Bruery
Sale start 2022-07-03


Brewery: The Bruery
Country: United States United States
Region: Placentia - CA


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