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Evil Twin Hops Pack


It's So Quite And Peaceful Walking Down The Brooklyn Bridge
Pale Ale
47.3 cl can
Axel Boisen's Boys Berry Shake
Sour IPA
47.3 cl can
The New Years Eve Ball Drop Is Best Viewed From My Television
New England IPA
47.3 cl can
I've Never Been This Far Down The L Before
New England IPA
47.3 cl can
Your Apartment Is So Small You Find Probably Something Larges For Less Money Outside Of The City
New England IPA
47.3 cl can
I Talk More To The Coffee Cart Guy Than I Talk To My Mom

New England Pale Ale
47.3 cl can
We have all good intentions to disturb, disorder and enlighten you with unforgettable beer after beer. Because we are so much in love with good taste, all the beers from Evil Twin are prepared in 10 of the best breweries around the world. Exclusively hand picked to please you with delicate, funky, extreme and by all means rare flavors. Maybe not the easiest way, but certainly the most fun!!! One more thing... A clever man once said: 'Stay thirsty... stay foolish.' That sounds like our vision, just with a tad less attitude.


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Contains multiple different beers
Brewery pack