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Trillium Fresh From New England - Trillium Pack


For only the second time this year, we have imported fresh beers from our friends at Trillium. 
Friends of ours for some time, they undoubtedly make some of the most precise, flavourful hop-forward beer in the world and have ambitious plans to continue developing a brewery that is grounded in its community and environment.
They're committed to capturing the spirit of New England, from its agricultural roots and the richness of local ingredients to the vibrancy of their home city Boston.
This is a brewery built on the agricultural foundations of their surroundings but with a drive to create some of the most modern, flavourful beer you can get your hands on. We can't wait to share a selection of their hoppy beer with you.
We have included our 2 freshest beers from our brewery in Manchester, to try side by side! 
This pack contains the following 4 beers from Trillium (473ml cans):
Storrowed - Double IPA w/ Strata & Citra, 8.4% ABV  (POD 31.08.2021)
Dialed In - Double IPA w/ Riesling Grape Juice, Mosaic & Citra, 8.5% ABV  (POD 20.08.2021)
DDH Scaled - DDH IPA w/ El Dorado & Citra, 7% ABV  (POD 01.09.2021)
Daily Serving: Tropical Punch - Berliner Style Weisse Ale w/ Guava, Passionfruit, Mango, Pineapple & Lime, 4.5% ABV (POD 23.08.2021)

And the following 2 beers from Cloudwater (440ml cans):

A Whole Being - Citra & Belma DDH Pale, 5% ABV
Somewhere Within - Bright & Juicy IPA, 6% ABV

Allergens - Gluten Wheat Barley Oats 
Vegan friendly
POD = Packaged On Date
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