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Brouwerij Hoegaarden Fruit défendu


Fruit Défendu is a top fermented beer produced by the De Kluis brewery, which also produces the excellent Hoegaarden. This beer is unusual in being flavoured with coriander and Curaçao in addition to the fragrant hops used.
Fruit Défendu pours an amazing mahogany colour verging on burgundy, releasing mild malty and spicy coriander and fruits tones. The palate is full of mild flavours that conceal the 9% ABV, while the honeyed notedevelops malty and spicy flavours with hints of fruit and yeast. Meanwhile the coriander gives a certain roundness making the alcohol barely perceptible thanks to a gentle warming feeling.
On the label we can see Ruben's "Adam and Eve" painting. This beer was almost banned in the US because of the picture on the label, which was considered too shocking...


Style Belgian Strong Dark Ale
ABV 8.5 %
Price per litre 9,06 €
Sale start 2019-01-07
Last in stock 2020-08-08
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Brewery: Brouwerij Hoegaarden
Country: Belgium Belgium
Region: Hoegaarden - Vlaanderen
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