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Brasserie du Bocq La Blanche de Namur 33cl


Blanche de Namur takes its name from the medieval princess renowned for her beauty, who married Magnus Eriksson VI of Sweden. She accompanied her new husband to Scandinavia, never to set foot in her native country again.In honour of her beauty, the Brasserie Du Bocq created Blanche de Namur, which in 2009 was itself crowned World’s Best Blanche beer.This soft-wheat beer pours hazy light blonde, releasing a delicate aromatic bouquet full of classic fruity, spicy blanche scents such as orange and coriander.Soft and refreshing on the palate, Blanche de Namur surrenders its refined, lightly sharp flavours easily, and marries well with fine meats and delicate fish dishes.


Style Wheat Beer - Witbier
ABV 4.5 %
Price per litre 7,24 €
Sale start 2018-11-16
Last in stock 2021-05-04
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Brewery: Brasserie du Bocq
Country: Belgium Belgium
Region: Purnode - Wallonie
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