Brasserie Dubuisson Pêche Mel Bush


The Pêche Mel’Bush (Peach) is one of the last additions to the Bush collection from the Belgian brewery Dubuisson. This beer flavoured with peaches has the particularity of featuring a stronger ABV than regular fruit beers. The ABV featured is 8.5%, which makes it closer to a triple beer than a fruit Lambic.
This is explained by the kind of fermentation used here, that is to say top-fermentation allowing the beer to reach a much higher ABV than with spontaneous fermentation used to brew “Lambics” like Krieks.
The Pêche Mel’Bush (Peach) is a clear beer pouring an orange to amber colour and topped by a rich head. It releases strong aromas of peach that completely hide the presence of hops and most of alcohol. In the mouth, one can notice the influence of malt and the predominant fruit and honey flavours of peach. Light bitterness can be perceived in the aftertaste.


Style Fruit Beer
ABV 8.5 %
Price per litre 8,48 €
Sale start 2018-11-16
Last in stock 2020-06-30
Article id 1677


Brewery: Brasserie Dubuisson
Country: Belgium Belgium
Region: Pipaix - Wallonie
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