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Brouwerij St.Bernardus St. Bernardus Christmas Ale

Style: Winter Ale
ABV: 10 %
Price per litre: 9,06 €
Sale start: 2018-11-16
Last in stock: 2020-05-06
Article id: 4669
Brewery: Brouwerij St.Bernardus
Country: Belgium Belgium
Region: Watou - Vlaanderen
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2,99 €
Shop's description
St Bernardus Christmas Ale is the last beer in date produced by Saint Bernardus. In the style of famous quadruple abbey beers, this exceptional beer uses the same strain of yeast since 1946. Extremely complex, like the no less famous St Bernardus 12, it has finely been spiced and is for sure one of the best Christmas beers.
Therefore, this Belgian beer displays an intense dark colour, topped by a generous and colourful head with an excellent retention. It challenges the nose with a fine complexity of aromas, from notes of grapes to caramel and spices. In the mouth, this complexity intensifies even more with a pleasant sweetness along with flavours of candied fruits and a nice finish sharpened by alcohol.
This exceptional St Bernardus Christmas Ale is a superb Christmas beer, which plays at the same level as other excellent products in terms of complexity of aromas and taste. The most interesting thing to do would be to compare it with the St Bernardus 12 to make your own opinion!
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