Mikkeller Crafty Crate #1


It can be near impossible to choose from all of the amazing beers we have available in this bundle, which is why we've taken all of the hard work away by hand-selecting the best mix of beers that you can enjoy!
This bundle contains 1 of each of the following beers:
Maltgarden - Where Are My Goggles? 2022 Thick Imperial Stout with carob, vanilla and cinnamon. PINTA Barrel Brewing - Enology 3 years old Wild Ale aged for additional 5 months on Polish Riesling Grapes from Silesian Winery. Mikkeller - Iron Throne Wit Forged in the fires of House Mikkeller’s brewing halls, we present Iron Throne Wit. Inspired by the brewing traditions of old, Iron Throne Wit represents everything you want in a classic wheat beer with a bit of a modern twist. We aim to make this beer available all year round, so your wit craving won’t grow too dire. Warpigs - Free Beer Munich Style Lager Mikkeller Baghaven - Kriek Vanilje 2020 A blend of 2/3 Kriek Vanilje 2020 and 1/3 Rubus of Rose 2020; Rubus of Kriek Vanilje 2020 is the perfect harmony between Danish Wild Ale, Stevnsbaer cherries, raspberries and vanilla beans. Mikkeller - Syrax Rises Syrax Rises is the continuation of Syrax that we released earlier this year. This light bodied american IPA is bursting at the seams with notes of candied fruits and citrus, before soaring off and finishing on a delicately bitter note, that is reminiscent of orange pith, and juicy grapefruit. A beer straddling the divide between the classic west coast IPAs and the modern hazy I...


Price 53,80 €
Brewery Mikkeller
Sale start 2023-01-24
Contains multiple different beers
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