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Cycle Brewing Bundle


6 absolute bangers from the lords at Cycle Brewing. Welcome to the dark side!
Bundle contains -
1 x BA Baltic Porte r - Bourbon barrel-aged Baltic porter
1 x Roadtrip 2018 - &+ -  Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout With Peppers, Cinnamon + Vanilla Beans
1 x Roadtrip 2018 - Anything But Breakfast -  Maple Barrel-Aged Stout
1 x Roadtrip 2018 - Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do -  Barrel-Aged Stout with Barrel Aged Coffee, Cocoa nibs &   Cinnamon
1 x Rye Wheat BA -  Bourbon barrel-aged Rye Wheat Imperial Stout.
1 x Scotch -  Barrel-aged Imperial Stout
Brewed at Cycle Brewing


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Contains multiple different beers