SALT The Hexagon Project #6 - Nuclear Fog



This beer is born out of respect for a passing artist, inspired by their words and passion.Nuclear Fog is an all encompassing power house of an IPA!The aroma being a powerful dank tropical forest of ripe mangos and papaya.From the initial taste of sweet over ripened peach leading into a complex blend of citrus rind, passion fruit and a delicate bitterness.This full bodied TIPA embeds its bold flavours, leaving an aftertaste that pairs wonderfully with the warming quality of this mighty beer."Find solace in the warmth of nuclear fogAnd let your armageddon blues turn to bliss".


Style IPA - Triple
ABV 10 %
Price per litre 18,64 €
Sale start 2021-04-01
Article id 3759


Brewery: SALT
Country: England England
Region: Saltaire - England
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