Add your shop

Every shop is unique and needs to be handled in its own way and all beers also needs to be linked with Untappd. Therefor it's quite time consuming to add new shops. There are two ways to get a shop up on the site.

1. Request list Login required

Any user can request a shop to be added and these shops can be voted on.

  • This list does not totally decide what shop will be added next, but it does have some influence of the decision.
  • There is no specific schedule when shops from this list will be added, they are added whenever there is time.

2. Express Priority Login required

This option is at the moment paused until further notice and new shops will not be added

If you want your shop to get up on the site fast there is an alternative.

For a one time fee of €125 your shop will be up on the site within 7 days as long as the site meets the criteria:

  • Product data feed or be scrapable using a pageable url with all your beers.
  • Shop is located in Europe.
  • Sells at least 50 different beers.
  • The required data is available.

Once your shop has manually been looked over and approved you will get an mail with further instructions and a link to create an invoice. Once the invoice is paid the process of adding your shop will commence and your shop will shortly be up on the site.

If you have any questions you can mail